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The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about the years leading up to, and beyond, 2012 as being a time of great change and transformation; a time that will initiate the appearance of a new human on the planet (Homo-luminous), a Being of Light, consciously connected to the matrix of life; a person of wisdom […]

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Darkness: A Most Powerful Catalyst

The darkness is a most powerful catalyst. This is something that must be reconciled within each and everyone. There are many feelings and emotions that find their root in the dark, those that you have come to know as fear, rage, anger, hate, jealousy, depression, control, violation, incest, suspicion, denial, pain, judgment, illness, disease, death, […]

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Compassionate Allowing

In our ability to express forgiveness, allowing others the outcome of their own experiences, without changing the nature of who we truly are, this is the highest level of mastery to which all can attain, for therein lies the healing of all illusion, all separation, all duality.   Excerpted from A TRAVEL IN TIME TO […]

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Walking With Peace Mantra

The mantras come from four languages – English, Sanskrit, Arabic, and Hebrew. They are the words for peace in the 5 major spiritual traditions ofthe world: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Peace (English) Om Shanti (Sanskrit) (oh-mmm shahn-tee) Salaam (Arabic) (saw-lah-mmm) Shalom (Hebrew) (shaw-low-mmm) There is a particular cadence or pace at which the […]

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Ten Secrets To Becoming a Catalyst for World Transformation

These secrets are meant to be shouted from roof tops and implemented to the extreme. Each one can be hugely life changing when you integrate it into your life. This is your official invitation to do so at a higher level than you are currently.  Now is the time to join together with passion. The […]

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Books: World Transformation and Selfless Service

As you explore the links below to delve further into the realm of books and the knowledge they contain, just remember to hit the BACK button after each foray, ESPECIALLY IF THE LINK DOES NOT OPEN IN A NEW WEB WINDOW, so that you are able to return with relative ease.  Emissary of Light – A Vision of Peace  James […]

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