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Darkness: A Most Powerful Catalyst

Written By: Michele Doucette - May• 19•13

The darkness is a most powerful catalyst.

This is something that must be reconciled within each and everyone.

There are many feelings and emotions that find their root in the dark, those that you have come to know as fear, rage, anger, hate, jealousy, depression, control, violation, incest, suspicion, denial, pain, judgment, illness, disease, death, greed, bitterness and retribution.

The darkness is as much a part of you as is the light.

There is, however, a way to avoid the power of this darkness, a power which lies in making choices that do not embrace the dark.

Allowing darkness to exist does not mean that such has become your choice.

Allowing darkness to exist does not mean that it is condoned by you.

Allowing darkness to exist simply indicates that you have acknowledged the existence of this force, a force that actually serves to remind us of the exact opposite.

Every event in life serves as a catalyst that moves us into new experiences of ourselves.

It has always been our choice to expand and know ourselves in all ways.

Allowing provides you with the opportunity to transcend the polarities of light and dark, a feat that you accomplish by embracing both as equal expressions of the same force from which we come.

In breaking the cycles of collective response, one becomes the higher choice.

You, and only you, choose how you respond.

As a being of compassion, you are offered the opportunity to transcend polarity while still living within the polarity.

This is what enables you to move forward with life, a life filled with freedom, resolution and peace.

This reality must then be lived in a world that may not always support that truth.

 Life is a spiritual endeavor.

You are asked to become that which you most desire in your life.

Be not afraid to demonstrate your Becoming.

The healing of this world will come about as a result of the healing of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Who among you is willing to live the truth of a higher response?

Who among you is willing to live the truth of what life has always had to offer?

By virtue of your service to yourself and others, so, too, do you serve the Creator.

In this way, you Become the greatest gift that you can offer.

Your ability to express forgiveness, allowing others the outcome of their own experiences, without changing the nature of who you truly are, is the highest level of mastery to which you can attain.

Therein lies the healing of all illusion, all separation, all duality.

I will say, once again, be not afraid to demonstrate your Becoming.

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