Portals of Spirit

Why I Do What I Do

Written By: Michele Doucette

There are many different types of artists: calligraphers, crafters of fine jewelry, conceptual artists, digital artists, goldsmiths, graphic designers, illustrators, landscape artists, multi-media artists, musicians, performance artists (actors, actresses, dancers, singers), painters, photographers, print makers, poets, potters, portrait painters, print artists, sculptures, sketch artists, tattoo artists, textile artists; in fact, there are so many that this list simply falls short of what is possible.


The products that I put forth (my books, this website, my blog) are what constitute my art.

That being said, each individual project has to be up to my personal standard (which is saying a great deal).

I am, after all, quite the perfectionist (with a few OCD tendencies thrown in for good measure).

If I am going to put myself out there in the public eye, it has to be better than good; in fact, it has to be the best that I can make it.



In keeping with this intrinsic truth, I spent the entirety of one solid week transferring files from the so very outdated Portals of Spirit (HTML coded pages) to this sleek, new and improved (WordPress blog) format; in truth, I am quite blown away with the new look that fits me to a tee.

I have been told by a great many that I am a catalyst.

I research because I have a need to write, to express myself, to put information out there for others to avail of (always with discernment).

I encourage all of my readers and subscribers to keep me apprised of what is of interest to them … authors, category links, motivational speakers.

I love being able to give, to create, to share, to uplift and empower others.

This is what constitutes my passion; so, too, is it my purpose.