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Written By: Michele Doucette - Jan• 19•14


NUN TECHNOLOGIES offer creative Orgone Pyramid solutions for an alternative world.

Why the Pyramid, you ask? When we go back and research ancient cultures on this planet, Ancient Egypt by far was the most advanced culture. To this very day the ancient Pyramids of Egypt have never been duplicated. Nun Technologies™ realizes that actual energy is being emitted from the tips of every Pyramid they construct. This energy that is being emitted known as “Nun” (pronounced NOON), creates what is called a standard columnar wave or SCW. This double helix energy creates a swirling vortex … the same energy that runs the universe. As you hold one of these Nun Pyramid™ devices in your hand, negative energies are cleared from your aura, thereby resulting in a more balanced energy field (atmosphere around your body).

ANGEL MEDITATIONS is a site (operated by Suzanne Eltink) that offers guided meditations for spiritual and personal development. Do take the time to give her FREE MEDITATION a try.

Angela Artemis has a wonderful product called THE INTUITION PRINCIPLE GUIDED MEDITATIONS, one that is based on her book The Intuition Principle: How To Attract the Life You Dream Of.

Debbie Cohen (licensed Clinical Social Worker and certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher) offers an online course called YOGA, MEDITATION AND BREATHING COURSE FOR ANXIETY, DEPRESSION AND STRESS. No prior yoga experience is necessary and one does not need to be flexible. Through the study of the MP3 audios and PDF materials (which are downloaded after purchase), participants will be instructed in how to practice various yoga poses, breathing (pranayama) exercises and meditations to work with clients in order to help them apply these techniques to aid in reducing racing thoughts, elevate low moods, improve concentration and to gain better coping skills. Clinicians will also be able to implement these tools for the common problems in the helping professions of fatigue, burnout and emotional exhaustion.

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