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About Portals of Spirit 3

Written By: Michele Doucette


In giving thanks to William H. Marshall for having inspired ME with his words, I see part of my mission as making a measurable positive difference on our world.

The quality of our world depends upon the quality of our thoughts as individuals.

If the majority of individuals are positive and successful, then society itself will naturally be positive, successful, and prosperous.

If, however, the majority of people are negative, hateful, and unsuccessful, then people will live in unhappy, unsuccessful, perhaps even dire circumstances.

In keeping with the phenomenal text As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, so, too, thinketh’s a society.

Looking at it this way, each of us has an individual responsibility to be positive and to help others be positive.

If you, too, will take it upon yourself to condition your mind be positive, to help other people, to be successful, to fill your life with happiness, then I will have accomplished one of my primary objectives.

Likewise, if you are able to share information about my books with others, and the information contained within is of some benefit to them, then my purpose continues to be fulfilled.

Herein is the key.

If you help two people, and they help two people, and so on and so forth, it is through the miraculous power of compounded growth that we can create massive social improvement for all.

My mission revolves around making a measurable positive difference in our world.

Gotta love that ripple effect.

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