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Written By: Michele Doucette

Over the course of these last 20+ years, I have personally made use of every single one of these transformational products whilst on my spiritual journey.

It helps to know that whenever I need a quick pick-me-up, I have a complete array of tools from which to choose.

Playing With Power



Scientists have recently made some amazing discoveries about the human bio-energy field and the major energy centers in the body.  These energy centers literally determine how good (or bad) you feel each day, and of course, the better you feel, the more you are able to attract the good things you want into your life.  Kevin Schoeninger (certified holistic fitness trainer, meditation instructor and Reiki Master/Trainer) has developed a 20-minute practice that will balance all your major energy centers; a short daily practice that allows you to balance and energize every aspect of your being; a practice that better enables you to feel healthy and happy (which is all part of your life purpose).  Kevin’s Core Energy Meditation system also gives you a blueprint for tapping into your personal guidance system.  When you feel connected to Source, you know when you are taking the right action for your life in the here and now.




An e-store that sells manifesting ebooks, affirmation ebooks, guided meditations and a manifesting e-course, all courtesy of Jafree Ozwald, an absolutely amazing Manifestation Coach.


This is one of my favorite places to visit.  Complete with a variety of meditations (for increased success, for higher awareness, for relaxation and stress, for developing ESP and Psychic skills, for healing and physical health, for recreational purposes), downloads, e-books and the Master Key system (by Charles F, Haanel).



LAW OF ATTRACTION PRO (Bradley Thompson)




Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  These words were spoken by Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich.

For people, like me, who have an extremely difficult time with the visualization process, you have finally come to the right place.

This creation of Ryan Higgins was denoted the Best Manifestation Tool for 2007 and after watching the intro video, it was easy to see why.

If you can create with a joyful and passionate feeling, you are going to accomplish whatever it is that you desire a whole lot faster.

Feel free to watch TIME TO REVOLUTIONIZE  as well as AN ABUNDANCE OF BLESSINGS, the two Mind Movies that I was inspired to create.


As Jody Sachse, creator of Mystic Mindpower, shares that everything around us exists at a certain frequency.

Scientists and quantum physicists have told us that everything is made up of energy.  We measure every form of energy as a frequency.  Light has a frequency, smells have a frequency, thoughts have a  frequency.  You have thought patterns in different brainwave states, all of which can be measured in frequency.

In short, frequency makes up everything we can see and everything we cannot see.

If you can change a certain frequency, you can change everything.

While our mental state affects our brainwaves, the opposite is also true, meaning that our brainwaves affect our mental state.

This means that we can actually control our mental state by controlling our brainwaves.

This is the power behind Brainwave Entrainment.

Mystic Mindpower has a wide range of unique brainwave entrainment meditations, ranging from beta, alpha, theta, delta and gamma brainwave frequencies.



When it comes to manifestation, making, and maintaining, the change from a negative state (frustrations, worries, doubts, fears, anxieties) to a positive state (total self confidence, high self esteem) is of utmost importance because until you change the way you think, you will simply continue to manifest more of the same (which is usually what you do not want).  it seems that we have been programmed to struggle; hence, the necessity for changing the negative brainwave patterns that we have existed with, until now.

Morry Zelcovitch has created the Quantum Confidence system. Engineered in a responsible, scientific and considerate way, this system helps people identify and deal with what may be holding them back.  in truth, the Quantum Confidence system may also be useful for any number of conditions and mind states, all of which are associated with self help and personal growth.

Using the Quantum Confidence system is very similar to sticking to an exercise regimen or even a proper diet that includes a change in eating habits.  Once you get to the point where you want to be, it is important that you keep up a maintenance routine in order to maintain your achieved results.

The affirmations are designed for each hemisphere of the brain.  So, too, are they designed to be accepted by your mind so that change, real change, may occur in the most efficient and effective way possible.  All affirmations are also listed in the manual so that you may look at them and know exactly what is being directed towards your subconscious mind.  Each affirmation is tried and true, designed for ease of acceptance and effectiveness.

For those of you who have never used this system (which involves brainwave entrainment), there is something that you should be made aware of.  Brainwave entrainment, when properly engineered, has been shown to allow for the release of deep trauma that has been buried.  Please consider having someone nearby (a professional, a trusted friend, a family member) with whom you can discuss these issues as they arise.  In many cases, repressed emotions and events clear themselves easily, but occasionally they may be difficult.

As people are listening to TMM recording systems, they find that random thoughts continue to pop out of nowhere.  Do not fight these thoughts.  Simply allow them to be.  It is important to keep remembering that when you resist something, you are engaging in a state of stress.  This program is all about natural states of relaxation, peace and bliss.


Quantum Jumping is a meditation and visualization technique for ‘jumping’ into alternate universes, meeting alternate versions of yourself, and using their wisdom and skills to live your ideal life, created by Burt Goldman (who was actually about 80 years old at the time).  With over 40,000 students worldwide, it is one of the most powerful mind power development programs available on the planet today.


The Quantum Mind Power (with TMM) system uses various “sculpted” tones and embedded frequencies in order to get the brain to go into altered (but very natural) states of  consciousness.  When the brain reacts to these tones, various and beneficial neurotransmitters and endorphins are released (which are necessary neuro-chemicals that our brain and body need to function properly, healthfully and naturally).  When the brain is stimulated with pulses, the overall activity of the brain will respond to, and align with, these pulses.  By selecting the desired rate, the brain, via the frequency following response (entrainment), can be naturally induced towards the selected brainwave state.  It is also because of the frequency following response, or entrainment, that these pulsed sounds often produce benefits similarly found with deep meditation.

Neural Synergy was specifically designed to help to re-organize the brain to a higher level; allowing it to process more complicated stimuli easier than before.  An integral part of a fitness regimen for the brain, this recording should be listened to once a day.

Eden Energy Wave Dynamics is designed to pump up your energy levels, while silencing the “voices” that tend to make you stagnate and stop moving forward (because they make you think too much, or cause you to fear something).  This recording may be rotated with Neural Synergy on alternate days for variety and/or whenever you feel the need for a quick “pick me up”.

Whole Brain Gratitude Meditation was designed as a gratitude building meditation.  This recording helps you with direction and intent, thereby enabling you to change your current view of the world (which then changes your reality as well).  How you look at things and interpret their meaning can be everything, and amazing changes can occur when you change how you look at life. This recording is intended to be listened to twice a week.

Emotive Brain Wave Hypnosis was designed to help guide you to balance your emotions and experience happiness, allowing you to tap into the deep wiring of your subconscious mind (so that you can better deal with the matters that are most affecting your life).  It is intended to be listened to twice a week.

Feel free to sample a 20 minute audio recording


Your stress, pain, and money problems are not caused by what you´ve been told and the solution is not what you think.  We’ve been taught the exact REVERSE of how life works. Did you know that stress and emotional pain is NOT caused by external issues, but by the battle between who you really are and the false ideas you’ve been brainwashed to believe about yourself?  Did you know financial problems are NOT caused by a lack of what’s coming to you, but a lack of what you’re allowing to come through you – because you’ve been conditioned to believe you’re not enough, don’t have enough, or need something outside to ‘complete you’?  Did you know most relationships issues (feeling unloved, unappreciated, resentful, alone) are directly related to being disconnected from your soul’s purpose – which is the seat of your self-worth, authentic power, and indestructible value?  You’ve been bombarded by messages from the moment you were born, telling you what you can’t do, who you can’t be, and what’s not possible – and as a coping mechanism to protect this precious core you began to close off parts of your authentic, powerful, brilliant, gorgeously outrageous self!  So is it any wonder that you’ve struggled to know who and what you are and the great purpose you were born for? And even when you’ve become aware of what might be possible, is it any wonder why you’ve had a hard time accepting your potential and really going for it?  So is it any wonder that you’ve struggled to know who and what you are and the great purpose you were born for? And even when you’ve become aware of what might be possible, is it any wonder why you’ve had a hard time accepting your potential and really going for it?  Re-connecting to your Soul Purpose Blueprint – that divine DNA — and bringing your life back into alignment with it will heal those lifelong traumas, and re-integrate those buried treasures, so that you’ll never be a victim of circumstances again.


Since Einstein has proven that energy and mass are interchangeable, various universities and laboratories have been able to either measure or calculate the force generated by a human mind (as in psychokinetic experiments).  The obvious conclusion here is that, as mass and energy are interchangeable, the energy generated by human consciousness can be converted into its mass equivalent, the format of which is controlled and directed by the most extraordinary of higher-consciousness processes; namely, visualization.  When a human mind clearly, and continually, visualizes an end result, with deep emotion and concentrated intent, then the formatted energy generated is converted into its mass equivalent (meaning the desired result).

Jim Francis, a serious researcher, has a background in both hypnosis and electronic design.  The founder of the Australasian Lateral Thinking Newsletter, he has been its editor for the past twelve years.  Having undertaken training in various forms of remote viewing, Jim shows how this medium technique can easily be learned.  Apart from Jim’s description of his mind discoveries and their application, he also points to the serious science that supports his concepts, describing how individuals can take advantage of these scientific suppositions, thereby moving towards a better understanding of how the intuitive mind works.

The substantiated research of Jim Francis, over the course of the last 10 years, was combined with the latest cutting edge brain audio technology.  As a result, the Super Mind Evolution System was born.  The entire system is available in 21 PDF reports and 20 audio mp3 files, all accessible via instant download.


THE 11 FORGOTTEN LAWS (Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey)

THE ABSOLUTE SECRET (Bradley Thompson)

THE BELIEF SECRET (Bradley Thompson)



If you’ve been struggling to fix, heal, or improve yourself, including your life, now is the TIME TO STOP.  Most of what you’ve learned is making your problems worse.  The Law of Emergence: A Revolutionary Principle for Achieving Your Full Potential, is the first program to fully explain this evolutionary process.  It will free you from the need to look outside for answers and authorities, from trying to add something to yourself, fill up places you perceive are empty, or even ‘attract’ things to you. It will reveal the secret of your true power, the fundamental principle great mystics have tried to teach, but that has been largely lost; a principle great leaders in every field have utilized to create masterpieces, build empires, and ignite revolutionary forces that have propelled society forward, yet it has rarely been understood or easily repeated. Now, more than ever, people are looking for answers, looking for a way to stabilize their life and achieve a level of freedom from outside sources.  This program will show you how to find the solid ground and abundance you seek, in the only place the world can never touch – within yourself.

THE MORRY METHOD (Morry Zelcovitch)

The Morry Method™ is a breakthrough new technology, resulting after 15 years of scientific research and development.  Having been trained by the world’s foremost expert (David Siever) in the field of Brainwave Entrainment, Morry Zelcovitch is one of the few in the world who can lay claim to being a certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineer.  The Morry Method™ uses a proprietary protocol developed for presenting various stimuli to the brain and mind, with the end result being a method that is much “softer” towards the brain body system because it offers a more natural incorporation of the brain beats as well as any presented information (meditations, hypnosis, affirmations, reading or studying).

Both Quantum Mind Power and Quantum Confidence (discussed within this section), make use of The Morry Method™, a system that has been purposely designed to help ease the entrainment process.



If you have had any kind of trouble making The Law of Attraction work in your life, you may be missing one key ingredient, as is shared by Mind-Body Training expert Kevin Schoeninger.  This is the program wherein you will discover the one word never mentioned in The Secret, a concept that is crucial for your happiness and success with the Law of Attraction.  Kevin calls this the Master Tool as used by Oprah, Donald Trump, and all of the great spiritual masters that live their soul’s purpose, while also manifesting spectacular results.


Having manifested a dream lifestyle over the past 20 years, Bradley Thompson knows the two missing steps that The Secret does not tell you.  He will prove to you that manifesting works brilliantly when you follow his 6 step program.  Not only that, but he will hand over $150 if it does not work for you.  This just might be something that you also want to check out for yourself.


This program is a dynamite combination of The Da Vinci Code, The Secret and Think and Grow Rich. Mysterious, suspenseful, and powerfully persuasive, it is now available in a considerably discounted (of over $100) and fully downloadable version.  What Dr. Robert Anthony does in The Secret of Deliberate Creation is show you how the natural laws of Quantum Physics, the Law of Attraction, and Cause and Effect can either work for you or against you. As a conscious and deliberate creator, you, too, will want these laws working for you, 100% of the time.


is a comprehensive introduction to meditation, breathing, energy work and manifestation.  What many do not realize is that there are meditation and breathing exercises you can use to reduce stress as well as improve your health, thereby increasing your level of energy and enjoyment of life.  These secrets are simple and yet tremendously powerful.  Doing these exercises on a daily basis, as simple as they are, will change your life.  These secrets include how to [1] develop control over your own mind and body, [2] supercharge your energy level and feel great on a day-to-day basis, and [3] work with the power of your subconscious mind to move you toward what would truly fulfill you in your life.

Matt Clarkson has created a complimentary course to help you get started.  With each installment, you will get an exercise, inspirational message or tip, to help you calm the mind and reduce stress.  This is an ideal program for anyone with an interest in meditation, self-growth and personal development, as well as for anyone suffering from stress, anxiety or depression.


People everywhere are searching for well-being (meaning, purpose, fulfillment, health and happiness).  For life to be good, we need to feel useful and appreciated.  Taking a spiritual growth journey called The Soul Journey will enable you to grasp the bigger picture of who you are.  You will discover how to distinguish your personality from soul.  You will learn practical ways to develop and express soul for a life of meaning and purpose.  In changing your consciousness, you will change your life.


Discover The Undiscovered Parallel Part 1 which will show you one simple trick to supercharge all techniques used for focusing your mind (as in visualization, affirmations, subliminals, hypnosis, EFT, the Sedona Method, meditation, brainwave entrainment, counselling or therapy) as part of your self-growth journey.