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Walking With Peace Mantra

Written By: Michele Doucette - May• 18•13

The mantras come from four languages – English, Sanskrit, Arabic, and Hebrew.

They are the words for peace in the 5 major spiritual traditions ofthe world: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.


Peace (English)
Om Shanti (Sanskrit) (oh-mmm shahn-tee)
Salaam (Arabic) (saw-lah-mmm)
Shalom (Hebrew) (shaw-low-mmm)

There is a particular cadence or pace at which the mantras are repeated, and it’s important to try to stay with that rhythm, for it creates a vibrational effect in your being and in the atmosphere around you.

You are literally aligning with a peace frequency and building the strength of that frequency in yourself and on the planet.

To create the cadence, pause for about two seconds after the repetition of each mantra and before beginning the next round of repeating them: Peace (pause) Om Shanti (pause) Salaam (pause) Shalom (pause).

Walk at a pace that is comfortable for you.

You will find the mantra cadence fitting with your walking pace in some way — every other step, every third step, etc.

Just let it evolve over the course of your walking.

You can repeat the mantras silently or out loud.

If walking with others, repeating them softly out loud together, and walking at the same pace, is one option, or letting each one walk and repeat silently as guided is fine too.

Try to refrain from interrupting the meditation with other conversation – the power of the meditation is in the continuous focus on the mantras, the movement of your body and the intention you hold to presence peace within yourself and in the world.

Author: Lynda Terry

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