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Books: World Transformation and Selfless Service

Written By: Michele Doucette - May• 17•13

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Emissary of Light – A Vision of Peace 
James Twyman was called to learn about peace as expressed through Divine Light, an extension of energy that is the very foundation of all life.  He was called to learn about the physical place belonging to the Emissaries of Light so that he could reveal their secrets to the world.  According to the Emissaries, it is necessary that humanity learns how to create a Kingdom of Peace so that we are able to live in a world based solely on love; a world where fear does not exist.  To be successful, we must learn to make a choice of peace. By inspiring peace, we are able to give hope.  This, then, leads to the desire for forgiveness.  Humanity has chosen its own isolation, imposed its own exile (page 94) because we have believed ourselves to be separate and alone.  This is merely an illusion, never the reality.  It is imperative that people learn to release the fear that is blocking their extension of love  (page 114).  Once having done so, one can then use that same energy to transform themselves (page 114).  It is time for each person to realize how holy they are (page 116).  The awakening has begun.  This book is your stepping stone to making this realization a reality.  This book is available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA).

The Secret of the Beloved Disciple 
I thought that I was blown away by the message contained in his first book, Emissary of Light: A Vision of Peace, but I was wrong. I was not prepared for the profound wisdom contained within the pages of this second book, The Secret of the Beloved Disciple.  This book is so powerfully written that the words will touch the deepest recesses of both your heart and soul.  This is a book about miracles that transcend the physical world and bring us a step closer to the Divine (page 19).  Based on a community founded by the Apostle John that has lived in seclusion for two thousand years, the time has finally come for their amazing secret to be revealed.  As you journey alongside James, you will learn that all we need is love.  If we are to obtain this love, we must realize that peace is the key.  It is equally important to understand that the law of unity is our reality.  By the very nature of the holy individuals that we are, we have always been united with God and each other.  This book will assist you in changing both your thoughts and perceptions of this current world of ours.  For it is in wanting love, peace and freedom that we shall begin to experience all.  Nothing is beyond our control.  Be prepared to face the biggest challenge of all: the total realization and acceptance of the message contained within.  This book is available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA).

Portrait of The Master 
Here is a modern masterpiece.  The spirit of St. Francis speaks through the heart of James Twyman and writes through his skillful hand.  A story about St. Francis and St. Clare, demonstrating Jesus’ teachings of love and peace. The wisdom of God and the purest of love is captured in these golden pages. This book is available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA).

Praying Peace 
This book is a practical guide to peacemaking, and yet it comes at the subject from a perspective that is perhaps different than most people expect.  This book is available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA).

Creative Visualization
Simply put, creative visualization is the art of using mental imagery and affirmations to produce positive changes in your life.  By focusing on an idea, feeling or mental image on a regular basis, you are giving it positive energy.  In keeping with the natural principles that govern the workings of our universe, this positive energy takes on form.  In essence, you actually achieve what you have been imagining.  The overall goal is to learn how to use your natural and creative imagination in a more conscious manner.  In doing so, you are privy to a technique that will allow you to create what you truly want, be it on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual plane.  The methods/technique contained within can help you to: change negative habit patterns; improve self-esteem; reach career goals; increase prosperity; develop creativity; increase vitality and improve your health, and experience deep relaxation. In fact, the list is infinitely endless.  If you have a desire to enrich your knowledge and experience, this book is for you.  If you have an open enough mind to try something new while maintaining a positive spirit, this book is for you.  If you have a desire to produce positive changes in your life, this book is for you.  This book is currently available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA).

The Path of Transformation – How Healing Ourselves Can Change The World
What thoughts, feelings, fears and visions arise when reflecting upon your personal future?  What thoughts, feelings, fears and visions arise when reflecting upon the future of our planet?  These very issues are explored within this book.  When one commits to personal growth and change, one has the power to transform their own life.  As we grow, evolve and expand our consciousness, individually and collectively, the old forms we have created no longer fit (page 15).  Real change takes time.  This means that we must have patience and compassion for ourselves and others.  Most people who select this book have already come to the realization that the time for transformation within their own personal lives is now.  Likewise for this remarkable world in which we live.  Questions, however, begin to arise.  How can we support and contribute to that process? How can we do our part, as individuals, to make sure it’s going in a positive direction? How do we create real change in our personal lives and in the world? (page 21).  The answer is, in fact, a very simple and uncomplicated one.  By becoming more conscious on an individual level, one brings about the positive change(s) that are needed.  Our lives become more balanced, more fulfilling, and more in alignment with our soul’s purpose (page 22).  Much like a pebble that is dropped into the stillness of the pond, the shifts of consciousness we make in our personal lives send out small but important waves that ripple through the whole world (page 22).  As we grow in our own personal awareness, the mass consciousness also begins to shift accordingly.  All of us play an integral and active part in creating our own reality.  In essence, we can create the kind of world that we wish to experience.  We have the ability to co-create with our Creator.  This means, then, that we take full responsibilty for our own life experiences.  Upon recognizing that the difficulties and imbalances in our lives are reflections of our own unconscious patterns (page 25), we come to the complete understanding that by becoming more conscious of our thoughts, feelings and actions, we have a most powerful tool to affect the changes that are both needed and necessary.  In creating our own reality, we also participate in creating the world reality.   Whatever in the conscioattitudes and beliefs are held most deeply and powerfully in the mass consciousness will, for better or worse, be manifested in the collective reality of the world.  Unresolved conflict and pain, held usness of millions of people the world over can … get reflected back to us in war, in violence in our cities, and in our collective disregard for the rights of other human beings and the well-being of the Earth (page 31).  We have a role to play in bringing about a positive change in the mass consciousness reality; a role that begins within the very soul of each of us.  It takes a relatively small number of souls moving into alignment with universal faces to have a great impact on our global reality (page 32).  Through the individual efforts of each of us, we can truly affect a significant change. This book, available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA), will guide you in learning to take action toward conscious growth.

The Lost Mode of Prayer
Ancient wisdom existed as a web spanning the globe and connecting peoples on every continent.  Millennial prophecy expert Gregg Braden explores this in The Lost Mode of Prayer and discovers a practice for focusing thoughts and emotions as a way to positively influence people, events and the physical world in a real way.  Presented on two audio cassettes totalling three hours, this is a fascinating offering from the author of Beyond Zero Point.  This cassette is available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA).

Awakening to Zero Point – The Collective Initiation 
There is a process of unprecedented change unfolding within the earth.  You are part of the change.  Without knowledge of the artificial boundaries of religion, science, or ancient mystic traditions, the change is characterized as dramatic shifts in the physical parameters of Earth accompanied by a rapid transformation in human understanding, perception, and experience.  This time is historically referred to as “The Shift of the Ages.”  As science witnesses events for which there are no reference points of comparison, ancient traditions say that the timetable is intact; the events of “The Shift” are happening now.  Each event carries with it a similar message, and is a by-product of something much more significant than the event itself.  During key moments in human history, wisdom has been offered allowing individuals to experience rapid change without fear.  This is one of those moments.  You are living the completion of a cycle that began nearly 200,000 years ago, and a process of initiation that was demonstrated over 2,000 years ago.  This book is available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA).

The Path To Love 
This inspiring New York Times bestseller explores the seven stages of love and the power of spirituality in relationships.  Philosophical, inspiring, and ultimately very practical, this book invites the spirit to work its wonders on the most complex and richly rewarding terrain of all; the human heart. This book is available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA).

No Ordinary Moments – A Peaceful Warrior’s Guide to Daily Life 
Dan Millman takes the perennial wisdom on maintaining inner peace and equanimity and puts it into straightforward, everyday language and useful exercises.  by changing ourselves, we can change our world.  This book is available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA).

Mutant Messages Down Under 
Marianne Williamson describes this book as …”A powerful book. A beautiful tale of a woman’s mystical journey”. Indeed, Mutant Message Down Under is that and more.  This book revolves around one truly incredible adventure in the outback of Australia whereby Marlo was blessed with a unique and unprecedented opportunity to discover the ancient wisdom and philosophy of the Real People tribe.  Theirs is a culture which spans more than 50,000 years.  Throughout the four-month walkabout, Morgan is challenged by the physical requirements of the journey.  She faces daily tests of endurance; tests which ultimately contribute to a personal transformation.  There are many vital messages contained within the pages of this well written book.  The first initiation that Marlo received was an understanding that the releasing of attachment to physical objects, as well as to certain beliefs, is an absolutely necessary first step toward being.  I believe that with the increased spiritual awareness that is now taking place, this is a necessary step that all must surpass.  The Real People believe that everything exists on this planet for a reason. In keeping with this line of thought, everything has a purpose. There are no freaks, misfits or accidents (page 51).  Remember: everything has a reason and a purpose for being.  They begin each day by expressing their thanks to Oneness for the day, for themselves, for their friends and for the world, always ending their prayer with these words: If it is in my highest good and the highest good for all life everywhere (page 52).  The Real People believe that all humans are all spirits who are visiting this world.  As spirits, we are forever beings.  I believe that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but, rather the other way around: we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Real People close the circle of each experience … If you walk away with bad feelings in your heart for another person and that circle is not closed, it will be repeated later in your life (page 93).  Is this not another way of describing the concept that many of us refer to as karma?  In their world, how you feel emotionally about things is what truly matters.  It is the invisible nonphysical feelings filling the eternal part of us that make the difference between the good and the lesser. Action is only the channel whereby the feeling, the intent, is allowed to be expressed and experienced (page 94).  In keeping with the concept that we refer to as Holistic Health, the Real People tribe believes that we are not random victims of ill health, that the physical body is the only means our higher level of eternal consciousness has to communicate with our personality consciousness. Slowing down the body allows us to look around and analyze the really important wounds we need to mend: wounded relationships, gaping holes in our belief system, walled-up tumors of fear, eroding faith in our Creator, hardened emotions of unforgiveness, and so on (page 96).  Is this not a powerful message unto itself?  I find this message reflected in many other spiritual/new-age texts.  Our journey is a straight one back to the Oneness of whom we are all part.  In essence, as our journey leads us back to self it also leads us back to each other.  The truth, as the Real People state, is that all life is but one life.  There is only one game in progress.  There is one race, but many different shades.  If you hurt someone, you hurt self. If you help someone, you help self (page 125).  What, then, does this mean for all of us?  As noted by the Real People … the only true influence you have on anyone else is by your own life, how you act, what you do (page 105).  Never have any finer words been shared.  These Aboriginal companions of Marlo’s are most compassionate teachers.  You will come to love and appreciate the wisdom that they have shared with Marlo so that she may present all to us.  What we need to begin caring more about is putting their peaceful and meaningful values into practical application for our current lives. In the end, like Marlo, you will come to understand that their awareness of what it is to be alive is deeply meaningful. This book is available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA).

The Mastery of Love – A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship 
Were Romeo and Juliet really in love?  How about your parents?  Have you ever been in love?  Do you have unrealistic expectations of how lasting love should unfold?  Discover how the Toltec masteries of Awareness, Transformation and Love can enrich the bonds in your life with Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Mastery of Love.  Through a series of short stories, the book examines the many sides of love.  This book is available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA).

Messages From The Masters – Tapping Into The Power of Love 
This alternative guide shows readers how the power of love, as discovered through techniques such as regression therapy and a faith in God, can transform their lives forever.  In Messages From The Masters: Tapping Into The Power of Love, best-selling author Brian L. Weiss shares amazing, true-life stories such as that of a nurse who marries a man with a birth-mark identical to that of a lost child she learns about in a past-life regression, or a woman’s recollection of being in the womb and hearing her own mother’s incredibly accurate prediction of her life to come.  This book is available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA).

A Return to Love
This bestselling author reflects on the principles contained in A Course in Miracles.  The release of fear, the cultivation of love, and the practice of miracles are recurrent themes. The program has as its goal a personal transformation of the listener.  The presentation is clear and effective, suiting the material and expressing the author’s ideas.  This book is available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA).

The Seat Of The Soul
What can I say about this book?  I was completely riveted to the words contained on the pages.  It is clear from the reading of this work that we are in a time of deep change.  How easily we can traverse this road to arrive at our final and ultimate destination depends upon our ability and willingness to honestly see where we are headed.  Gary talks about personality and soul, stressing that when the two become properly aligned we experience authentic empowerment.  This is a power that loves life in all forms; a power that does not judge; a power that sees meaningfulness and purpose in all that life on the Earth school has to offer.  This book will show you how to overcome the eternal power that generates fear.  It will enable you to begin to understand your addictions so that you may attempt to overcome them.  It will allow you to become more reverent so that you learn to make conscious life choices for the benefit of all.  The Seat Of The Soul is a thought-provoking book that needs to be shared with all.  This book is available at both Amazon (US) and Amazon (CDA).

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