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Words of Wisdom 3

Written By: Michele Doucette - Jul• 18•13


According to Christine Hassler, there is a flaw with the Law of Attraction. 


The Law of Attraction states that we will bring into our lives what we focus on, visualize, think about, and affirm.

But, if you make vision boards, surround yourself with affirmations, maintain a journal full of ideal scenes of what you’d like and you STILL are not attracting what you want, there is a flaw.


In having employed all of these techniques, I find that I still have miles to go, as they say; mind you, the overall process has enabled me to glean a much clearer understanding.

Conscious creation dictates that we create our own reality through thought (which also encompasses both belief and response).  It is known that thought must first exist before manifestation of thought, also known as creation, can take place.  In that alignment, we have the ability to manifest whatever we wish, all for the sole purpose of enhancing the wisdom that we continue to accrue, life after life after life. 

Everything we think, we will feel; everything we feel, we will manifest; everything we manifest serves to create the condition(s) of our lives.  Every word we utter expresses some feeling within our souls; every word we utter also serves to create the condition(s) of our lives.  This is a direct fusion of thought with emotion.   

The Law of Attraction dictates that thought is the greatest force in the world, and, as stated earlier, that everything begins with thought.

Whatever you fix your thought(s) upon (meaning whatever you steadily fix your imagination on) is what you shall attract. 

Thought is the true giver of life that never dies, that can never be destroyed; thought is your link to the mind of God.

We get what we speak.  We become what we think.  We become what we direct our energies to.  We become that which we conclude ourselves to be. 

As individuals think and believe, this is what they become; every person is an image of their own thinking and believing. 


It’s actually our understanding of how the Law of Attraction works that is flawed, rather than the law itself.

It’s true that we attract at the level of our own vibration and that are our thoughts and words are extremely magnetic.

But the most powerful “attractor” is our belief system.

You can create beautiful vision boards and affirm every day that you are available for an incredibly successful, passionate career or a loving relationship. BUT if you don’t truly believe you are lovable, enough, worthy and deserving … actually attracting that into your life may be more challenging.

On a conscious, logical level you may totally believe in all your dreams.

However, you’ve gotta uncover and release those deep down subconscious beliefs that contradict what you want in life. 


Even though an opportunity may present itself, many still are doing their best to deal with the limiting thoughts and beliefs that may stop them from forging ahead. 

We are constantly projecting our thought patterns.  If one is conscious of these thought patterns, they are creating by deliberate intent.  If one is unconscious of these thought patterns, they are creating by default.  This is why it becomes so imperative to learn to become aware of the thoughts and beliefs that may be limiting your experience(s).  In this regard, everyone must work toward resolving and changing.

For many years, too numerous to count, I found myself existing in a state of worry, stress, fear and guilt, both at home and in the workplace. 

Watching the news on the television kept me in a controlled state of restless anxiety.  I had no idea that the media was so biased in their news coverage, that it was their job to saturate us, to have everyone view the same news, thereby orchestrating all of us to respond in the same manner.  This meant that there was a great propensity for millions and millions of people to broadcast similarly negative responses (vibrations).

Like a sponge, when surrounded by other negative minded people, I would sink deeper and deeper into altering depressive states; so, too, was I being controlled by that voice in my head.  It was almost impossible to achieve and maintain a positive outlook on life when my mindset was governed by such negativity. 

As soon as I became aware that my thoughts, my words and my actions were energy based, I knew that I had no choice but to work towards reconfiguring the wiring of my brain.

I had to learn to think and respond from a more positive outlook.  I was no longer willing to allow my ego to reign supreme.  This was a stance that took considerable time and monumental effort.  In fact, there are days when I find myself still battling for control.

To Be (as you are) and to Become (who you truly are and have always been), one has to believe.  Everything starts with mastering the mind whereby one’s thoughts are both energetic and magnetic.


It’s not our job to co-create everything – that is the magical mystery of the human experience.

But here is a guarantee you absolutely can buy into: as you let go of those heavy, untrue beliefs, your vibration will naturally lift and you will experience more love, joy, peace, acceptance and other delicious feeling states.

Here’s to living flawlessly by recognizing that you are absolutely flawless!


This final comment of Christine’s is one that I can whole heartedly vouch for.

Happiness, joy, bliss, appreciation, love, gratitude, peace, compassion, confidence, faith, excitement, success, awareness, freedom and trust are the feelings and attitudes that emit a higher frequency and attract people, places and situations of a positive nature. 

By comparison, feelings and attitudes like condemnation, guilt, worry, disappointment, fear, revenge, insecurity, doubt, failure, hesitation and sadness emit a lower frequency, thus attracting people, places and situations of a negative nature.

Knowing that positive thoughts and feelings create a higher vibration, it becomes in keeping your vibrations high that will allow you to manifest things more freely in your life. 

It is your energy vibration that attracts corresponding circumstances (be they people, places, things or events) into your life; by the same token, it is your energy vibration that can ultimately change your reality.

You will know that you have achieved, and/or are achieving, alignment with your thought(s) when you feel happy, contented, elated, peaceful, ecstatic, overjoyed, playful and upbeat.  The deeper the feeling(s) experienced, the closer the alignment. It is also imperative that you take concrete action as opportunities arise, remembering to express your deepest gratitude.

Feeling good is of the utmost importance. 

There are activities that you can engage in that will serve to strengthen and maintain these good feelings: listening to a particular song, watching certain television shows and/or movies, reading a specific book, engaging in discussions of a synchronistic nature. 

It is essential that you discover, for yourself, that which keeps your energy vibration high.

The more enthusiastic, the more pumped up, the more excited, the more emotionally charged, you are about something, and the better it feels, the faster it will show up in your life. 

Keep thinking, talking and acting in the state where your desire is already a reality.

It is equally important to remember that things take longer to manifest in the physical earth plane reality because it exists at a lower rate of vibration (as are we when we choose to be present in this physical form).  This is why it is so important to trust, to believe, to have faith.  Everything manifests first in the mental plane before showing up in the physical plane. 

Manifestation works best when one has a strong intent; when you know something must happen, it will.  However, every time your desire changes, you are, in essence, beginning anew with the creation process.  If you have spent weeks giving your attention and focus to a specific desire, picturing it, thinking about it, feeling it, and then you change your mind about what it is that you want, all of the previous creative energy ceases to be and you have to begin the whole process anew. 

Most people are unable to create, either because they do not know what they want or they keep changing their mind.  This is why it is so important to get as clear as possible about what you want and stick with the plan that you have put into motion.  Keep focusing on it until it becomes a reality. 

A master of creation chooses something to manifest and does not move on to something else until he (or she) has manifested it completely. 

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