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Native American Quero Apache Tradition: Wisdom of the Eagle

Written By: Michele Doucette - May• 18•13

In times when we need comfort or empowerment, people have often turned to Eagle, the majestic bird of clear sight and power, for reassurance.

These words from the Native American Quero Apache tradition offer us ways of being in harmony with our lives and with the universe through the wisdom of Eagle.

You can use these inspiring passages as personal affirmations, or simply read them to bring a greater sense of peace to your heart.

Adapted from Prayers and Meditations of the Quero Apache by Maria Yraceburu (Inner Traditions, 2004)

Sacred White Tail, by nature I am unique and there is no limit that can apply to the full potential of my power.  The truth of my untouched power has untold possibilities; today I leave the limitations of accomplished fact behind me.  I hold onto the possibilities for good in what I believe.  The Sacred Parents conspire to bring down peace for All My Relations.

Healing Giver of All Life, I belong to the eternal scheme of things.  As I pass a friend I am grateful for her contribution to my wholeness.  My perspicacity grows by small increments, but, by trusting in the light of Spirit, true wisdom comes to me.

Healing Changing Mother of All My Relations, all the strength I need is at hand.  I let go and let Spirit help me.  Everything depends on my relation to Spirit, especially the form of power appropriate to each interest and endeavor.

Healing Higher Power of I am I, it is only humanity that needs to learn wisdom.  I listen to the music of today.  I am in tune, in rhythm.  I am part of the concert’s beauty.  This leads to the consideration of my true self, and actual purpose.

Healing Light of All That Is, the truths I receive today guide my steps.  I move in peace.  My actualized self is the avenue through which my ideal self is contemplated.

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