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My Take on Planetary Magnetics

Written By: Michele Doucette - May• 19•13

The earth is surrounded by its own magnetic field.  It is this magnetic field that forms a shield, protecting the surface of the planet from energetic charged particles coming from the sun and elsewhere.  The sun is constantly sending out charged particles, called solar wind.  When this solar wind interacts with our planetary magnetic field, the result can be viewed as aurorae, known as the Aurora Borealis (northern lights).  Visit the Aurora Page (images by Jan Curtis) as well as Our Beautiful Planet for majestic images.

As Science has shared, it takes approximately 2,000 years for the fields of magnetics to make one complete rotation around the surface of the earth.  

We also know that  over the course of these last 2,000 years, the intensity of the magnetic fields of the planet have been dropping.  As magnetics are a function of planetary rotations, a lessening in the intensity of magnetics would seem to indicate a lessening in the rate of the Earth’s rotation [Braden, Gregg. (1997). Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation (p 21). Bellevue, WA: Radio Bookstore Press] as well.

As the planet, herself, is going through changes in magnetics and frequency, many of us are feeling the effects (and not really understanding why we are feeling so strange).  In essence, our physical bodies are changing in an attempt to accommodate the planetary adjustments.

What does all of this mean?

According to the scientific evidence the more rapid the rotation, the greater intensity of the magnetic field. So, the more rapidly earth rotates, the denser the fields of magnetism become.  Conversely, the slower the planet rotates, the less dense the fields of magnetism. Measurements over the last 130 years indicate a decline in magnetics from 8.5×10 to the 25th gauss units to 8.0×10 to the 25th gauss units. The lessening in the intensity of magnetics would seem to indicate a lessening of the rate of earth’s rotation. Time is slowing down, or becoming more compressed. Because time is becoming more compressed, we have the sense that everything is speeding up. [How Earth Changes Affect You article located on the Spirit of Ra website] It really is quite the paradox, is it not?

There is also another side which needs to be explored.

According to Gregg Braden, variable planetary magnetics provide zones of experience where mass units of consciousness are drawn to feel or work out some form of common experience.  When an individual or group consciousness feels that an area no longer  feels appropriate, or resonates with them, they are describing their body’s sensors to those zones of magnetic density. [Braden, Gregg. (1997). Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation (pp 19-20). Bellevue, WA: Radio Bookstore Press.]  In continuation, the understanding of the nature of these fields is perhaps a vital key to understanding mass migrations of large populations, human and animal alike, as well as the unexplained settling of ancient cultures in what may appear to be very unlikely locations for commerce or spiritual pursuits. [Ibid, p.20.]

What makes all of this so fascinating is the fact that these lower values of magnetics are what serve to provide us with the opportunity for change.  By comparison, the exact opposite holds true in areas of higher magnetics, whereby stagnation may be the result.  In this case, stagnation merely refers to individuals who stop progressing and/or advancing.  I think we can all reference this dull feeling at some point in our lives.  As a result, these zones simply offer one the opportunity for change.  How one embraces change is up to the individual.

Clearly, this change in planetary magnetics has us poised on the threshold of a new paradigm of experience.

It must be remembered that the human body is both electrical as well as magnetic.  At a time when planetary magnetics were relatively high, such ensured that to manifest something in this world, we had to be very clear and really choose, or desire that which was being envisioned. [Ibid.]

I have also just discovered that our DNA, according to Kryon, has magnetic components.  Each loop of DNA has a magnetic field that overlaps the loop next to it.  Hundreds of trillions of overlaps equals one consciousness.  This, then, represents a magnetic imprint, which the Human carries around with him. [Kryon channeling called Activate Your Twelve-Layer DNA located on the Light Technology Publishing website] He shares further that it is the energy on the planet that talks, quite literally, to your DNA through the magnetic field; a field that has always been low, but times, they are a changin’.

It appears, therefore, that we are now heading in a different direction, meaning that these lower magnetic fields are providing us with the very opportunity for change that we have been wanting, that we have been praying for.

Not only that, but these lower magnetic fields mean that we are more rapidly able to manifest what we want in our lives, because it is in the thinking, feeling and expanding of the emotion(s) that we are our own creators.

According to Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy ….. thoughts are electrical while emotions are magnetic.  This is why when we continue to persist with a negative thought this electromagnetic field of negativity becomes very powerful, thereby affecting our physical body in ways unknown to the many.

Given that we are an energetic system, one key factor in this process is the willingness of the individual to achieve balance within the energetic system using the tools of Choice and Free Will. These are the tools used to release old patterns of belief, lifestyle or relationships and adapt to a new more balanced pattern. [How Earth Changes Affect You  article located on the Spirit of Ra website]

As each cell of our bodies seeks to match the rhythmic heartbeat…or frequency of earth; moving into the resonant pattern of the higher tone, each life form, including human is attempting to map out a new rhythm or signature frequency.  It would be possible to entrain the cellular heartbeat of the physical body immediately, if it were not for the variables that provide resistance to the entrainment, such as belief systems. To the degree that an individual clings to structures that do not fit into the new paradigm, to that degree the individual will likely encounter resistance to the entrainment of cellular frequency with planetary frequency. [Ibid.]

Hence, the physical and emotional discomfort many are experiencing can actually be viewed as an enlightened perspective if interpreted as successful progress in releasing, cleansing, and healing as part of the process of adapting to a higher frequency and consciousness. [Ibid.]

All of these energies coming from the sun and the center of the galaxy are raising human consciousness, forcing us to look at what we are not in order to open up to  the divine beings that we really are.

Indeed, it is in the space of resonance, attained simply from your patterns of thought coupled with feeling, that you may direct energy most efficiently, consciously and with intent.  It is in this space that you become the creator of your own experience and may impact the events of your world while regulating the response of your body to that world. [Braden, Gregg. (1997). Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation (p 27). Bellevue, WA: Radio Bookstore Press.] This is why it has become so important to carefully monitor your thoughts.

This, then, is where each must become that which they desire more of in their lives, meaning that one must become the very experience that they most desire for themselves  and others – things like love, peace, forgiveness, nonjudgment and compassion.

In coming back to the scientific perspective, several geoscientists at Princeton University have been able to show that the magnetic field of the earth, in ancient times, had been more stable than originally believed. [Ancient Earth’s Magnetic Field Was Structured Like Today’s Two-Pole Model article retrieved from the ScienceDaily website]

In keeping, geophysicists at the University of Rochester have stated that the earth’s magnetic field was nearly as strong 3.2 billion years ago as it is today. [3.2 Billion Year Old Surprise: Earth Had Strong Magnetic Field article retrieved from the ScienceDaily website]

It can be said, therefore, that the earth has always been well protected from the solar wind (for had it not been so it would have stripped away the earth’s atmosphere, bathing it in lethal radiation, making it impossible for life to exist on its surface).  This information, in and of itself, rather makes one wonder about the whole doom and gloom, death and destruction, mode we’ve been placed under, doesn’t it?

For some reason, it is believed that the alignment of our solar system with the galactic center, in December of 2012, shall result in complete destruction of the planet. 

International explorer, archaeologist and author, Jonathan Gray, has traveled the world to gather data on ancient mysteries.  In a Coast to Coast AM show entitled Ancient and Suppressed Discoveries, with host George Noory, Jonathan was asked to talk about the cycles theory of history.  He suggested that the idea was both highly speculative and lacking in good evidence. 

<In a personal email dated August 21, 2010, Jonathan explains further, saying that there are astronomical cycles which move with predictable regularity – the moon around the earth, the earth in its daily rotation, the earth and planets around the sun, the solar system around the Milky Way galaxy, and so on.  That having been said, the notion of automatic, regular cyclic destructions is something else.  This is a philosophically based theory, with no supporting historical or archaeological evidence.

In continuation, Jonathan shares that the cycles theory has been in existence since about 2244 BC, originating in Mesopotamia.  It was well known to the ancients that the first world was destroyed by a Global Deluge.  They were also aware that a second world arose by a sort of new creation out of its ruins.

Many who research further will notice that there was a close analogy between the histories of the two worlds.  It was their belief that to destroy was merely to create afresh.  As a result, it was deduced, from a single destruction and renovation of the world that a series of similar destructions and renovations had also taken place.  This hypothesis was formulated, not only into the future, meaning our future, but also into their past.  Thus, it was this pagan mythology that gave birth to the cycles theory, a theory that was built on pure speculation.

While the Mayans excelled in both mathematics as well astrology, Jonathan shares that they, too, began to construct an imagined cosmic history based upon this idea of cycles.  As far as astronomical calculations went, the Mayans seldom made a mistake.  It is known that their calendar was far more accurate that the one we refer to.  Jonathan further states that the Mayan people migrated from Mesopotamia, bringing with them this “circle of the Destroyer” theory.

As one begins to expand their spiritual consciousness, they begin to realize that there is more to life, and the universe, than meets the eye. Why?  Creation is simply too astounding and phenomenal to be deemed haphazard. [Doucette, Michele. (2010). The Ultimate Enlightenment For 2012: All We Need Is Ourselves (p 29). McMinnville, TN: St. Clair Publications.]

Is this not reason enough to question the cycle theory of history as has long been fed to us as truth?  Might this even be enough to suggest that the Universe is not fated for destruction as many would have us believe?

Admitting that each and every individual is responsible for what they think, feel and live on a day to day basis, is an important first step towards learning to live in alignment with the heart.

The world has become a projection, an extension, if you will, of our own mind as well as our thought processes.  The battlefield of the mind is merely an internal war that plays out between dark (ego) and light (mindfulness), a battle that everyone must conquer.  This is a war wherein the battlefield is our own mind and the emotions we feel, live and express become the ammunition. In continuing to place our focus and concentration on the problems of the world, thereby adding to the negative collective viewpoint, we simply get more of the same. [Doucette, Michele. (August 2010). Getting Out Of Our Own Way article ] If, indeed, thoughts are electrical and emotions as magnetic, as expressed earlier by Jim Self, all of which greatly affects one’s electromagnetic field, I would far sooner live in a world of enhanced positives than the other.

By controlling your thoughts and emotions, you learn to become pro-active.  Speaking from the heart, feeling from the heart, living from the heart, is the means through which you can do so. [Ibid.] One’s focus and attention, therefore, needs to be placed on living from a heart based (love) consciousness as opposed to an ago dominated (fear) consciousness. [Ibid.] In learning to protect one’s thoughts from fear and guilt, one is “better able to remain focused on love, compassion, nonjudgment; knowing that this is the way. [Ibid.]

As stated earlier, the lower magnetic fields are providing us with the very opportunity for change that we have been wanting, that we have been praying for.  Not only that, but this means that we are more rapidly able to manifest what we want in our lives, because it is in the thinking, feeling and expanding of the emotion(s) that we are our own creators; hence, I choose to create out of love and reverence for all life. 

Now is the time for you, the reader, to decide that which you wish to create more of in your life, for indeed, it shall be lived and experienced fully by you. 

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