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Getting Out Of Our Own Way

Written By: Michele Doucette - May• 18•13

Everything is comprised of energy.

Everything is vibration.

All vibration is the result of energy in motion.

Energy is held together to create matter.

Matter is energy condensed to a slow vibration.

There is one underlying field of energy, the Zero Point Field, that pervades everything, thereby giving purpose and unity to our world.

Everything in the universe has a unique vibrational energy. Every object, every being, every thought, every action, every psychological mood; in short, energy equals vibration. Energy and vibration are what life is all about.

Most people are enslaved by their thoughts, thereby creating by default (creation by way of an unconscious means). It simply does not occur to them that they can free themselves from the chatter of the mind.

Everyday life, for the multitude, seems to be fraught with worry, tension, anxiety and fear. Thoughts arise in one’s mind that serve to reflect these outer feelings. There can be no peace of mind, no stillness, when one is engulfed by such negativity, and, yet, inner peace is within reach of each and every individual.

The battlefield of the mind is merely the war that plays out between dark (ego) and light (mindfulness), a battle that everyone must conquer. Such is the journey towards self-realization, a journey in consciousness, a journey in metamorphosis, the quest for self-transformation, the journey of an observer, the journey to freedom. Such is the evolution of man.

The world, then, becomes a projection, an extension, if you will, of our own mind as well as our thought processes. The thoughts we think result in what we see. We can choose, therefore, to see an abominable, doom and gloom, world or we can choose to see a wondrous, beautiful and magnificent world.

The war we are fighting is an internal one where the battlefield is our own mind and the emotions we feel, live, express, become the very ammunition that is fired.

Everywhere we turn in the media, we are being bombarded with fear by way of video clips, audio clips and text. There are times when getting past this numbing fear feels like a complete impossibility. I know because I was once there, manipulated and controlled by my fears and anxieties. This becomes the distraction, you see; the means with which to keep you embroiled in fear.

The first monumental step becomes the realization that this is indeed the reality, the power mongers wanting to keep everyone frozen in a perpetual state of fear. It is only when an individual has arrived at this cognizance, that he/she can then begin to release themselves from the deadly stronghold of the illusion that one is powerless.

As stated before, the world that you see and experience is naught but a reflection of your own mind as well as the mind of the collective; hence, if you are to change what you see and experience, you must change what you think, feel and live on a day to day basis. It is imperative that you learn to live in alignment with your heart. This rising of your personal vibration will also add to the enhanced vibration of the whole, of the collective, of Mother Earth.

In continuing to place our focus and attention on the problems of the world, thereby adding to the negative collective viewpoint, we simply get more of the same. The question you must ask of yourselves is – is this what I want?

You have the power to experience and live your life the way that you want to see it. Everyone has the same choice.

Once you have experienced living in alignment with the heart, which is an increased sense of unity consciousness, you understand that duality no longer exists, for you have been able to transcend the illusion.

You are the revolution; a revolution whereby you must re-learn to think for yourself by taking your power back.

When you send out negative thoughts and emotions, not only do they affect yourself on an immediate and personal level, but they also affect the collective mind, the mind of the whole. Having shared this, all are responsible for current planetary disasters, myself included. It is imperative that you begin to understand the gravity of this situation, for only then can you begin to make the changes that are necessary, that are conducive, that are pertinent.

Having accepted the fact that all are responsible, each must then begin to take ownership and responsibility for having contributed to the situation at hand. Step away from the poor me attitude, humbly embracing the power that exists within. Energy always flows to where one places their attention.

You learn to become pro-active by controlling your thoughts and emotions. Speaking from the heart, feeling from the heart, living from the heart, is the means through which you can do so.

One’s focus and attention needs to be placed on living from a heart based consciousness as opposed to an ego dominated consciousness. One must learn to protect their thoughts from fear and guilt so that they are better able to remain focused on love, compassion, nonjudgment; knowing that this is the way.

Stop watching the news on television. Stop reading the newspapers. Concentrate, instead, on what you want, and what you want to be, as opposed to its negative counterpart. Take the time to delve within. Meditate. Focus on choosing love, for you will always find refuge within your sacred temple.

When you come to the realization that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, in order to experience yourself fully, your vibration shifts and begins to rise to a higher state of consciousness.

The biggest thing we are here to do is work on our individual selves. If we can remain positive, thereby no longer contributing to the collective negativity, we will have succeeded at something so monumental, so powerful, so necessary, that others, upon witnessing our example, will be able to follow suit, should that be their choice.

You must reclaim your power, a power that has always been yours but that you elected to give away, a power that involves discipline of the mind and an earnest desire to live in alignment with Source.

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