Book 9: You Are Everything: Everything Is You


This book was inspired by the March 2011 tsunami off the coast of Japan.

Quantum physics states that substance comes into existence through actual observation, meaning that when a mind thinks something into existence, it becomes real. Thus, energy is both conscious (fully aware, deliberate and intentional) and infinite (boundless and endless). It is the cyclic universe theory that postulates that the universe has no beginning and no end (in a traditional sense), given that the universe has been exploding into existence, repeatedly over time, extending far into the past as well as into the future; hence, it is quite conceivable, in fact, that the universe has existed forever. In addition, this theory also states that matter and energy, albeit finite, are infinitely recycled.

Knowing that energy is incarnate, that energy is constant, that energy is cyclical, that everything emanates from the same source, I am everything and everything is me. Likewise, you are everything and everything is you. Understanding the Maharishi Effect, as well as the unified field, courtesy of Transcendental Consciousness, shows us that world peace is very much achievable. Clearly, science and mysticism are more deeply entwined than has been previously thought.

Complex Content and Unique Perspectives

September 24, 2011

You Are Everything: Everything Is You is a compilation of the works of several spiritual authors. Michele Doucette is an excellent researcher as is reflected in the complex content and unique perspectives covered in this book. The works of Gregg Braden, Paul J. Steinhardt, physicist, Anthony Duchene, Michael Sky, Dr. Masaru Emoto and dozens of others are included in this work. Although convincing evidence, the text seems tedious and repetitious at times, however the message is the same throughout, You are everything and everything is you!

I do not think new explorers of spirituality will find this book helpful as it is too advanced in information and thinking, and would suggest it is more for the advanced seekers of enlightenment.

The author of several books, Michele Doucette is an avid researcher who is very worried about the radioactivity that is leaking into the ocean and air from the Fukushima reactor. She feels the earth is in great turmoil both naturally and with man’s obsession with war and greed. This book was written to inform and awaken the masses.

Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review International

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