Book 24: Ad Infinitum: Unchanging and Forevermore


A tome that delves into both incarnation (the process whereby the non-physical essence of Source is invested with physical form; a union of the physical plane (of existence) with the non-physical) as well as reincarnation (the re-cycling of this non-physical essence into different physical forms, different time periods and different roles, in order to experience all forms of materiality, to understand each thoroughly, and to learn how to manipulate, and maintain, these forms in balance and harmony), each is the sum total of past experiences, from various perspectives, over eons of existence.

Ad Infinitum: Unchanging and Forevermore is a love story involving Ysabeau and Ghislain, twin souls who are successful in finding each other in the physical arena of the 21st century.

A Fascinating Subject: A Rewarding Read

Ad Infinitum: Unchanging and Forevermore is a fascinating book explaining the possibility that each individual alive today many have experienced multiple lives. In our contemporary thinking the concept of reincarnation is being given ever more credence, as we free ourselves from limiting sectarian views and reach out to embrace higher truths.

We all have one life and it is eternal. Within this immense truth our higher soul selves assist us to take on multiple physical lifetimes in order to advance spiritually and to gain experience. And as these many lessons we learn uplift us, we are able to co-create more effectively in partnership with the Supreme Creator of All There Is.

Reincarnation is a phenomenon being experienced by many. Are you attracted to certain periods of Earth’s history, or to certain countries or people who have lived earlier lives? If so, there is a chance that you may have also lived a lifetime within that same time frame.

Michele Doucette has vivid remembrances of her past lives by being drawn strongly toward particular events and to people in our former Earth’s history. She has also provided a sense of authenticity by researching her background of personal genealogy—one that links her directly to them. This fascinating and rewarding book will open our minds to a different view of our reality in this current third and fourth dimensional world we all inhabit.

Mary Mageau

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