Book 4: Veracity At Its Best


Veracity comes from the Latin word veritas, meaning verifiable truth.

The only constant in life is that of change. All is constantly unfolding, evolving, growing. While there was a time when I feared change, I now embrace it wholeheartedly.

The next most important constant in my life is that of truth. I was so sure that the way to gnosis, nirvana and enlightenment was through a multitude of books and CD programs, metaphysical tools and spiritual teachers.

It feels so much more liberating to know that, whilst all of these may come into our lives, they serve merely to help us develop, strengthen and acknowledge our own inner teacher.

Clearly, what we are seeking exists within. This book will assist the reader in doing the same.

To Know Your Truth Is To Feel Your Truth

November 2, 2010

The battlefield of the mind is merely the war that plays out between dark (ego) and light (mindfulness), a battle that everyone must conquer (page 48).

Veracity At Its Best challenges readers to find and face truth, their own personal truth. Author, Michele Doucette explains that everyone must face their own truth, that truth is different for each unique human being.

To know your truth is to feel your truth. This simple statement sums up the entire message of this book, a profound and important message. This reviewer was particularly impressed by the author’s casual, conversational approach. The reader is taken through the steps and stages of learning to find truth in a relaxed and entertaining manner. It reads more like a letter from a friend, than a textbook.

Readers will discover that thoughts can be toxic, that each individual thought can create your reality, and that they are in control of their own universe. Whether a beginning seeker or a more advanced spiritual being, this book will be one that you return to over and over again. As with all of Ms. Doucette’s books, the many helpful, reference links are included throughout. Change yourself, and change the world … pick up a copy today!.

Michele Doucette is a researcher, writer and seeker of Truth who is determined to deliver her message of Truth to the masses..

We patiently await more from this talented author.

Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review International


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