Book 3: Turn Off The TV: Turn On Your Mind


We are conditioned to believe that what we are looking for exists outside of ourselves. This is the belief that has served to help enslave us.

Truth be told, all that is needed to unlock the power of the human mind exists within, for the mind is incredibly dynamic and needs to be both recognized and acknowledged as such.

Learn deeply of the mind and its mystery for therein lies the true secret of immortality is the message put forth in The Secret in the Bible by Tony Bushby. This sixteen-worded sentence, extracted from the ancient Book of God, a mysterious old document written on fabric of an unknown nature, and highly regarded by the Ancients thousands of years ago, is what now serves to highlight my individual journey.

This is a book that delves into the battlefield of the mind, exploring such topics as: defining ego, the authentic self, living in the now, spiritual enlightenment, the power of thought, programmed thoughts/ideas/belief systems, mental shifting, the thinning of the veil, vibratory signatures, affirmations, visual imaging, spirit versus soul, re-attuning and re-connecting with the Source, personality, spiritual evolution, gnosis, exercising attention (mindfulness), conscious awareness, spiritual liberation, freedom of limitless possibility, human consciousness, new spirituality, soul journey, the egoic mind, Yod He Vau He, ancient teachings, transition and manifestation of creation.

In summation, Turn Off The TV: Turn On Your Mind is a book of heightened mental awareness that is meant to propel the reader toward something deeper.

Realign the Mind. Prepare for the Pursuit.

July 3, 2010

I very much like how your book begins with an explanation of duality along with a pointing toward nonduality and advice on how to pursue nonduality. You then assert that the pursuit is dependent on an understanding of the mind, thereby providing various ways to turn the mind toward its source, toward the nondual, along with some interesting and practical diversions along the way. The reader will learn how to realign the mind through affirmations, visualizations, gratitude, desire, and positive thoughts. Practical gains from proper mental positioning include health, money, love, and inner peace. The purpose of this heightened mental awareness is something deeper than the practical, and you make that clear. The purpose of mental preparation is to make the pursuit of enlightenment feasible. This book is a fine guide and reminder for people who are wandering in the garden of spiritual and mental delights and who intuit and need to pursue something deeper, known as source, God, soul, enlightenment, or nonduality. Readers will be pleased to see serious reference to some well-known, and not so well-known names: Edgar Cayce, John Van Auken, Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis, Andrew Cohen and Eckhart Tolle, among others. I totally appreciate the resource links denoted within the book, allowing the reader to expand the book at multiple points within the texts.

Jerry Katz, webmaster of Jerry Katz on Nonduality and Nonduality: The Varieties of Expression and Nonduality Satsang: Nova Scotia

I was also interviewed by Jerry Katz, on July 27, 2011, a Nonduality Street Radio Interviewee.

Your Guide to Turning Off The Negativity

September 12, 2010

Every day of our lives we are bombarded with negativity from our televisions. The news fills our days with murder, terrorism, H1N1 virus scares, bombings and more. Our favorite TV drama is typically the police, chasing criminals that murder, steal, rape and kidnap innocent children. All of this 24/7, each and every day: is it any wonder we are all filled with negativity in our minds, our hearts and even our souls? Author Michele Doucette offers a simple solution … turn off the TV! Now I know that most of you are so obsessed with the “box” that this will be impossible, but why not change your TV experience to one that is enjoyable, one that will bring you positive energy? Don’t watch the news, watch the sitcom that makes you laugh. Find alternatives to the negative media that fills our lives. When one person changes his/her thought energy from negative to positive, the earth and all it’s inhabitants are on the way to a better, more positive life. It takes just one person! Once you are convinced that your life will be much better in the positive, Turn Off The TV: Turn On Your Mind will guide you to reconnect with Source, the nondual existence.

This book is filled with affirmations, visualizations and other positive actions that you can take. Written in simple language, with many references to books, websites and newsletters, this book will be your guide to turning off the negativity and turning on the Light. Readers will learn to grasp the distinct difference between body/ego, soul and spirit. You will be guided gently towards becoming more in tune with your intuition, your true self. Michele Doucette is a researcher, writer and seeker of Truth who is determined to deliver her message of Truth to the masses. Well done, Michele!

Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review International

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