Book 16: Time Will Tell


Michaela Callaghan, known affectionately as Dr. Mike, is a Metaphysician, Healtheologist and Past-Life Regressionist. In the course of her personal studies, she comes to remember a past life as a Cathar healer and herbalist in Béziers, France. With pictures and memories so vivid, painting them comes both easily and naturally, as does heartache, in her remembrance of Jonathan (Jon) Maguire, her Sidhe companion, with the most amazingly deep emerald green eyes, framed by the darkest, curliest, lashes; so black that they look like they have been darkened with soot. Knowing that information retrieved from memories of the past can provide one with information pertinent to one’s current incarnation, Michaela has no idea what this is supposed to be, aside from her Alternative Healing practice. With information that is rich and well researched, the love story that emerges between Isabeau and Jon is one that encapsulates the transcendence of time.

A Real Thinker; Highly Recommended

July 14, 2012

Metaphysics as defined by Wikipedia as a branch of philosophy dealing with theories of existence and knowledge.

It is the combination of spiritual expression with physical and mental aspects of life. One pertinent principle of metaphysics is to set goals. Set goals in your mind and with positive action and attitude move towards accomplishing that goal. Sounds simple enough but it can be an exhausting feat at times. Then on top of that one must remember that ‘you are the creator of your own reality’. Owning your reality is another challenge. Fortunately there are many qualified and experienced people that can help us learn acceptance through such programs as mindfulness workshops and relaxation techniques, as well as teach us the monumental importance of breathing.

Michaela (Dr. Mike) Callaghan is a twenty-first century metaphysical scientist whose aim is enlighten people how to unite science and spirituality thus achieving what we all crave, balance. A spirit will search through eternity to find it. As to that regard you may be surprised to learn that there exists documented evidence towards supporting the theory of reincarnation. Through her meditation, Dr. Mike reached memories of her own past life. She had lived as a Cathar healer and herbalist in Béziers, France.

Her memories lead the reader into a detailed history lesson of a turbulent time in southern France. On July 22, 1195 a female child was born and named in honor of her mother, Isabeau Foix. She was raised and educated by Cathari healers and herbalists. Isabeau was blessed with special gifts of healing, sight and intuitiveness. She was able to see and learn from the fae folk of the forests. It was on one of her herb collecting ventures that she met Jonathan Maquire, known as ‘Prince’ amongst his people, the fae folk. Jonathan was a Túath Druid with special talents for healing. The two spent many years together, learning and sharing their healing knowledge. In the end, it was her time to return from the forests, walking right into the Catholic Inquisition.

Catharism appeared in southern France (1096-1099). Developing heir organization quickly, they formed their own churches, chose appropriate leaders and lived their lives in peace and harmony. The Jesus they believed in came to spread the word of peace, love and equality between men and woman; not to redeem the sins of man by his death. They taught from the Laws of the Universe, accessing health by pure living. The increasing population of the Cathar followers threatened the Roman Catholic Church and in 1198 they began taking action against anyone that supported Catharism. Torture before death could not have been more horrendous. Churches were burnt to the ground with thousands of people inside, whether Catholic or Cathar, a time that has come to be known as the Catholic Inquisition.

Michele Doucette is a Special Education teacher, avid researcher and published author teaching facts on self-discovery. She lives on the west coast of Newfoundland.

With so much more to this story, I highly recommend reading it cover to cover.

Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review International

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