Book 2: The Ultimate Enlightenment For 2012: All We Need Is Ourselves



Caught up in the web of competition, greed, jealousy, envy and hate, we have been lost to ourselves for a very long time. We have completely forgotten who we are. We have forgotten how to celebrate the expanse and greatness of all life. As we awaken and become more aware, our life is filled with the vibrations of love, peace, joy, wisdom and harmony.

As one both experiences and emanates these vibrations, one discovers who they really are. As the spark of Divine Love begins to flame within each individual soul, it grows in intensity until completely embracing that which is life. It becomes one’s birthright, henceforth, to be happy, and, in so doing, to provide an atmosphere of peace, joy and devotion (service) towards all life, including the animal kingdom, plant kingdom and mineral kingdom.

It is in performing even the most humblest of tasks, that we begin to experience supreme satisfaction. In having done so, the whole of Creation triumphs.

The Ultimate Enlightenment For 2012: All We Need Is Ourselves is a book that takes a fresh approach to the question of how we can step into our soul purpose and help create a better world.

Unimaginable Insight and Easy Conversational Style

September 1, 2010

As the spark of Divine Love begins to flame within each individual soul, it grows in both intensity and magnitude until it completely embraces that which is life (page 1).

A guide, a teacher, a spiritualist or someone that is trying to WAKE US UP, this is how one would describe author, Michele Doucette. With an unimaginable insight, she takes readers on a journey to Self. Her easy conversational style make this an easy read, with a message that is loud and clear.

The information found within is well thought out and presented in an entertaining manner. Many quotes and wisdoms from various spiritualists are included in the book, adding authenticity and confirmation to the thoughts found within. Experts include Jean-Claude Koven, Nick Bunick, Jon Peniel, Ethan Walker III, and many more. No one will be able to read this book and not come away with a sense of wanting to know more. Knowing this, Michele Doucette has included an abundant reference list of books, websites and other sources that rival most libraries.

The book has been referred to as a roadmap. I would have to agree that it is indeed a roadmap to God. Anyone searching for God’s Truth, whether a “newbie” or a seasoned seeker, should read this book.

Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review International


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