Book 5: The Collective: Essays On Reality


A collection of two essays, the personal experience of this author has dictated that one must first acknowledge what appears to be happening before reconfiguring the responses of their past; hence, The Collective: Essays on Reality presents material that may elicit uncertainty and confusion for some readers.

Essay One was written to better inform the reader so that he/she can work on actively disengaging from the Matrix.

Essay Two focuses on different ways in which one can more effectively work towards changing themselves.

Seek ye (knowledge) so that ye may find (knowledge) for it is positive energy that nourishes the soul and truth that liberates.

Determined To Deliver Her Message Of Truth

December 23, 2010

Having read some of Ivan Fraser’s articles and David Icke’s Infinite Love is the Only Truth and The Biggest Secret, many years ago, the reference to these books, once again, brought the confirmation of what I firmly believe; many are being manipulated by a few. Icke and Fraser are not the only authors that report on The Brotherhood, most readers are familiar with the Free Masons, Lords of the Rim, Brotherhood of Islam, etc. Many reports and essays on the controllers of our planet have been written.

Author Michele Doucette certainly brings this to our attention with her essays, wanting all of us to become aware of the daily manipulation by the media, politicians, religious leaders and large corporations. I think all of us should read The Collective: Essays on Reality. While a depressing read, it hastens a sudden and enlightening, awakening.

Michele Doucette is a researcher, writer and seeker of Truth who is determined to deliver her message of Truth to the masses. If you want to learn of mass manipulation by government, religion, media and big corporations, this is the book for you. Whether you chose to believe the scenarios presented or not, you will certainly be left thinking about it.

Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review International

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