Book 10: The Awakening of Humanity: A Foremost Necessity


To awaken to the preponderance of oneness, to awaken to the integrity of harmony, to awaken to the completeness of unity – these are our ultimate reasons for being. In order to attain the wisdom (insight and understanding) that is needed, one must first understand the nature of the universe (wherein mindfulness and lucid living are what knowingly contribute to transcendence).

It becomes in answering several questions of great importance, while knowing and believing that we are all connected, that the transformative process can begin.

Everyone Should Read The Work of This Author

December 12, 2011

A study of spiritual science is one that researches all religions and other belief systems, adding meditation with mindfulness, to create a conscious uniting of mind with soul. Author, Michele Doucette has not only been on her journey, but educating millions of readers with crucial knowledge to obtain the ultimate, peace and harmony, found within. It has been well documented that centuries ago church authorities weeded out what they judged to be false doctrine in the Holy Scripture. The contents they left are what Christians are raised to believe. It seems that belief system was built on an edited edition. One of the author’s sensitive subjects is regarding a difference with Cathari beliefs. Jesus came to spread the word of how to live with pure love, freedom and equality between all men and women, resisting evil. He came to spread the word of oneness not to redeem the sins of all men by his death.

Physicist Alain Aspect discovered that electrons are able to communicate with each other no matter the distance. Upon further investigation Physicist David Bohm theorized that subatomic particles are not a single entity, but that their separateness is an illusion. It takes a calm, open mind to grasp that we are in actual fact a hologram. Yet here in the 21st century there is increasing evidence that we are, and the universe is, a hologram.

Michele clearly explains why you must think with clarity and of only of what you want. It is straight forward that unless you think positive, creative thoughts your world will be challenged negatively. Once you fully accept responsibility for what you create, you will be more aware of your thoughts, which allows you to reconfigure what you are projecting. Becoming mindful allows us to choose how we respond to our thoughts, emotions and inner sensations, in the present moment. Not to be taken lightly, mindfulness requires effort, discipline and should be practiced daily.

Before her conclusion she addresses other subjects such as Oneness, Enlightenment, Transcendence and Lucid Living. She provides 9 encouraging suggestions to help you become the master of your own destiny. Michele provides a thorough up to date bibliography along with current footnotes.

It gives me great pleasure to HIGHLY RECOMMEND this work.

Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review International

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