Book 12: Getting Out Of Our Own Way: Love Is The Only Answer


One of the most challenging tasks we face is to learn to become nonjudgmental, thereby disentangling ourselves from both emotionally charged situations as well as from the collective intellectual mindset of laws, rules and dogma. The way of nonjudgment is the way to remembering the sacredness of all life. If you are to experience your own freedom and resolution, so, too, must you learn how to love yourself and others. In responding to people with love and compassion, you readily move from conflict to harmony. When you remember, embrace and share your divinity, you free others to walk their truth.

This is a book that talks about fear, conditioning, anger, inaction, neutrality, detachment, apathy, knowledge, wisdom, compassion, compassionate allowing, love, selfishness, selflessness, mindfulness, integral spiritual practices, discernment, indifference, suppression, unboundedness, transcendence, antagonism, empowerment, positivity, visionary Christianity, dharma, inspiration, authenticity, celebrating diversity, conscious creation and ascension, all from a heart-based consciousness approach to living.

Everyone Should Read The Work of This Author

January 8, 2012

In essence, you are the architect of your future (page 41).

While travelling the path to enlightenment with the purpose of experiencing inner peace, you will learn that life is all about energy and vibration. If you are living with negative thoughts, that energy is projected into your outer world causing many scenarios of fear and loss. Through the Law of Attraction we create our future, be careful of what you think, and listen to your heart. We have been blessed with an intelligent mind, capable of learning how to develop the skills needed for inner peace.

If you are reading this book you may not be happy with your life as it is, therefore having a desire to change it. Since your world is an extension of your mind, you must change your mind, how you feel and live. Learning to be nonjudgmental of yourself and others is a large part of growth. Learning to love yourself, faults and all, is a monumental step for many starting the journey. It is through the power of positive thinking that will change your life.

Our minds are conditioned by outside sources since birth. At a young age we learn our family’s beliefs, customs and religious doctrine. As we grow older we encounter different beliefs and values which influences our thoughts and actions. For example, we need to become knowledgeable regarding our world’s affairs so that we are not tripped up in media hype, which is often biased. We need to ask questions about what we have seen or heard. We fear what we do not understand. Fear itself can inhibit personal growth or caution you to be more aware. As with fear, anger can cause many physical changes. We must learn to control our thoughts and focus on what is best for ourselves, become empowered.

Our author, Michele Doucette covers mindfulness, conditioning, knowledge versus wisdom, selfishness versus selflessness, the Christian connection to Buddhism and much so more of how we get in our own way. She has a soothing style of communicating, inspiring trust in the knowledge she has uncovered through 20 years of research and experience. She is very clear in her teachings. Learn to accept responsibility for your actions, understand why you react the way you do and change your life.

I have had the opportunity to read several of Michele Doucette’s books. Each one is a different experience of acquired knowledge from which I have learned so much on my own journey.

With no hesitation, I am HIGHLY RECOMMENDING that you take the time to read her exceptional works.

Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review International


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