There are many different types of artists: calligraphers, crafters of fine jewelry, conceptual artists, digital artists, goldsmiths, graphic designers, illustrators, landscape artists, multi-media artists, musicians, performance artists (actors, actresses, dancers, singers), painters, photographers, print makers, poets, potters, portrait painters, print artists, sculptures, sketch artists, tattoo artists, textile artists; in fact, there are so many that this list simply falls short of what is possible.

The products that I put forth (my books, my Portals of Spirit website, this blog) are what constitute my art.  That being said, each individual project has to be up to my personal standard (which is saying a great deal). 

I am, after all, quite the perfectionist (with a few OCD tendencies thrown in for good measure).

If I am going to put myself out there in the public eye, it has to be better than good; in fact, it has to be the best that I can make it.



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