Book 13: Back Home With Evangeline


In this second book, the sequel to A Travel in Time to Grand Pré, twin souls, Madeleine and Michel, find themselves transported from 1775 to 2005, back to the Grand Pré of the twenty first century. Married in 1775, they bring valuable writings and artifacts with them to be used for the enlightenment of humanity. With many distinct threads skillfully woven together to create a rich tapestry, as well as meticulously researched historical events that frame the novel, the design of this marvelous work reaches its completion in several key messages from Yeshua, thereby outlining his true Gnostic teachings.

An Entertaining and Educational Read

January 6, 2012

A Time Travel to Grand Pré, the prequel to this book, is where we learn that Madeline Sinclair experiences a strange and exciting transformation as she travels back in time to 1754, and a very different Grand Pré, Nova Scotia, than she is used to. Now, not only is Madeleine back home, but she has brought her husband, Michel, with her from the 1750’s. Michel has a great deal of adjusting to do in modern times, but acclimates very well. Both Madeleine and Michel have learned that their ancestry, and the history of the Acadians, has given them a strong message of love, to deliver to modern day society; a very important message that could change the world.

Michele Doucette has mixed her metaphysical message with fiction to produce an entertaining and educational read.

The author of several spiritual books, Michele excels in research, which is evident in this book. Her specialty is the historical significance of Knights Templar, Cathars, and the search for the Holy Grail, all which are covered in this book.

Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review International


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