Book 21: Tracing Your Ancestry: French Acadian, French Canadian

Tracing Your Ancestry: French Acadian, French Canadian is a resource that will provide the family historian with the knowledge of how and where to begin; so, too, will they find themselves armed with ample websites to guide their search. Being of both French Acadian and French Canadian ancestry, author Michele Doucette felt it important to consolidate a book that other researchers might find beneficial, based on what she was able to uncover in the course of her own published research than spanned close to twenty-five years.

Whilst this was not a book that I ever intended to write, it was a book that demanded to be written. As an amateur genealogist and family historian of 25 years, I know how important it is to validate and authenticate your work. As a result, I was wanting to share my research experience with others who felt the same.

I absolutely loved this book; you are an incredible writer. It was very interesting to recall all of the historical facts included in your book; besides that, what a tremendous amount of valuable information it gives to aid us in our genealogical research. This book should be in every library, historical office, and, certainly, in the hands of every would-be or actual researcher. It is one that will easily turn out to be the most valuable book in their collection.

Jean Doris LeBlanc, Department of Genealogical Research,

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