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A New Look At Vegetarianism by Michele

Written By: Michele Doucette - May• 24•13

At my request, a dear friend of mine sent me a list of the most recognized terms for the various types of vegetarians. I shall now present and summarize here for your information.

A vegan is a person who consumes no animal flesh and will avoid all foods of animal origin.

A lacto-vegetarian is a person who consumes no animal flesh but includes dairy products in their diet.

An ovo-vegetarian is a person who consumes no animal flesh but includes eggs in their diet.

A lacto-ovo-vegetarian is a person who consumes no animal flesh but includes dairy products and eggs in their diet.

A pesco-vegetarian is a person who includes fish, eggs, and dairy products in their diet, but avoids all other forms of animal flesh.

To date, I currently fit this particular vegetarian category. I am fully aware of the fact that many who adopt a strict vegetarian lifestyle can easily become vitamin B12 deficient, so I often supplement with vitamin B12 tablets. In the course of my research, I began taking a whole food called Chlorella in November 2000. I can say, in all honesty, that I have never felt better.

Some uncommon forms of vegetarianism include fruitarian (a person who eats only fruits, seeds, nuts, and honey) as well as a macrobiotic vegetarian.

If you have not yet explored our vegetarianism category (under spiritual links), there are websites that state Jesus as having been a fruitarian. In my readings, I have noted that the Essenes were vegetarians.

I would now like to take the time to cite from some Essene references which are of sole relevance to me.

The Essenes: From Jesus To Our Time by Olivier Manitara
The Essenes had a deep respect for nature, condemning slavery and servility. They believed that any man (or woman) who was even merely affiliated with their community had to “free his slaves and abstain from eating red meat” (page 46). The Essenes believed that “slavery was also tied to the fact of being carnivorous, because he who could not stop eating animal flesh and drinking blood could not control the passions of his animalistic nature – and, therefore, could not think in a clear manner. He was reduced to slavery by his nature” (page 46).

Angel Visions by Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.
Doreen states that “maintaining a vegetarian diet is the quickest route to developing clairvoyance. Even quicker is a vegan diet” (page 178). As I have cited above, this means that you avoid all red meat, fowl, fish and dairy products, using meat substitutes and soy milk products instead. “In fact, dairy products, red meat, chocolate and alcohol are the greatest blocks to clairvoyance” (page 178). For a more in-depth explanation on the link between diet and pyshic abilities, refer to Chakra Clearing and Divine Prescriptions, also by Doreen Virtue.

The Wellness Book by John Randolph Price
John writes that “the awakened ones have believed for eons that your diet is energy – that food is for the etheric body and not the physical, for the etheric absorbs the energy of the food while the function of the physical is to eliminate the food” (page 55). Everything that we eat is comprised of energy, “yet the benefits or detriment of the energy elements within the form depend on where you are on the life cycle” (page 55). I have never believed in the fanaticism that is associated with dieting. I have always believed in the importance of eating wholesome food. Like Mr. Price, I believe fanaticism associated with dieting to be “counterproductive to spiritual growth” (page 55) and overall wellness.

Solomae (previously known by Cheryl Stoycoff), is an ordained minister of the Essene New Life Church, as well as a Nutritionist, Health Educator and Level III Reiki Practitioner. In the tradition of the Essenes, Solomae practices and teaches the raw and living food diet and lifestyle as a means of purifying the physical body to allow for the direct experience of the Divine soul within. The lives of the Essenes required a discipline of purity of mind, body and spirit. As part of their compassion and love for all of life, they taught vegetarianism. They believed a pure vessel (body) was necessary to experience God and thus followed a diet of pure, fresh (uncooked) fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains, nuts and seeds. The Essenes believed food must be eaten in its natural state, which means: uncooked, unchanged, whole and fresh from the vegetable garden and orchard, and in small quantities. They believed nature (God) provided everything the body needs to promote and maintain health and balance.

Located on a website entitled The Essene Network International, I discovered that a gradual and gentle elimination of all meats from our diet is one of the best ways to begin to create peace with the body. Peace was a central pillar in the lives, teachings and beliefs of the Essenes. They sought to achieve harmony in their communities; with their brothers and sisters as well as with the wider community; and with the forces of nature all around them. But equally important was their feeling it necessary to establish harmony with their own physical and mental being. To achieve this state of peace and harmony the Essenes established a framework within which to work. At the noon hour of each day they stopped work and spent some time in silent contemplation of some aspect of peace. There were seven different peace contemplations, one for each day of the week, culminating on the seventh day in Peace with the Heavenly Father, the latter being reached only after achieving peace in all of the other areas. According to the translation in the book From Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls by Edmond Bordeaux Székely the dedication each day was:

· Sunday – Peace with the Earthly Mother (nature and all of the creation)
· Monday – Peace with culture (the absorbing of the great teachings and their wisdom)
· Tuesday – Peace with humanity (awareness of the oneness of all human life)
· Wednesday – Peace with the family (harmony in day to day relationships)
· Thursday – Peace with the mind
· Friday – Peace with the body
· Saturday – Peace with the kingdom of the Heavenly Father

In conclusion, my initation towards deciding to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle began chiefly as a health measure after having to have my gall bladder removed. Since that time, it has begun to take on more and more of a spiritual undertone.

In Love and Light Always,

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